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Greetings from Freehold, NJ.

At this time last year, something so special for so many years was being run into the ground by an egotistical executive who cared more about numbers than the traditions of a community. Friends of many years turned their backs and allowed success to become a failure - all for the sake of a paycheck. A developer chose lies and paper over truth and honor, forcing a devastating set back to a historic music city that will be felt for years to come.

Out of the ashes, rises Skate and Surf Festival.

Eleven years ago, Skate and Surf Festival was created to be a platform through which artists could gain invaluable exposure by performing in front of larger audiences, surrounded by other talented acts, all looking for their breakout performance. Some of today's brightest stars rose at Skate and Surf. My Chemical Romance, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Coheed And Cambria and this year's headliner, Fall Out Boy.

For the festival to survive, it must look to the future.

Welcome GameChanger World, a new artist-to-fan mobile gaming platform launching this Spring. GameChanger World has powered the return of Skate and Surf Festival and will ensure its presence for many years to come. In the next few months, artists like T. Mills, Bayside, Mayday Parade, Miss May I, Circa Survive, My Ticket Home, Forever the Sickest Kids and more will begin releasing mobile games through the GameChanger World platform. Most of these games and more will be on-site for this year's Skate and Surf Festival. Fans will be able to download "free" mobile games, battle the artists themselves in the GameChanger Arena, and earn exclusive platform rewards from the artists themselves. From artist trading cards to special meet and greet opportunities, gamers will be rewarded for their engagement on the artists' mobile platform.

GameChanger World games will be available on iOS and Android mobile devices, allowing fans to engage their favorite artists 365 days per year, 24 hours per day.

Skate and Surf Festival is back. The future begins today.

See you all in May.